A Ray of Grey: Vipp Annual Colour 2013

January, 25 2013 10:00

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Vipp – an iconic Danish brand. An accomplished family business that was conceived from modest beginnings. Growing with each passing year, Vipp remains timeless whilst continuing to innovate. Its founder, Holger Nielsen, would say that “good design never goes out of fashion” and his words endure today. The Vipp bin’s design has been marginally enhanced since its inception in 1939 (the lid was originally a pointed dome shape that is now rounded).


All images © Vipp

Morten Bo Jensen, Vipp’s Chief Designer, says: “like our original pedal bin, the newer Vipp products are rooted more in their function than aesthetics – you can say that aesthetics stems (sic) from function”.

With its strong design DNA, the Vipp family and team have enjoyed playing with the Vipp bin’s aesthetic, dressing it up and decorating it, from limited editions to Vipp for charity, to its much coveted annual colour.
Vipp’s annual colour for 2013 has now been announced. When seeing the images, Mr Walnut Grey was especially thrilled, the colour being “Ray of Grey”.


All images © Vipp


Of the new colour, Morten Bo Jensen says: “it’s a marked change from Vipp’s previous bright annual colours. We liked the idea of keeping it simple this year by fading to grey. Together with its matte finish and structured surface, the warm grey tone emphasizes the industrial features of the Vipp collection, reflecting the Vipp pedal bin’s origin as a solid, industrial tool for Danish clinics”.
Simple, aesthetic, functional, the Vipp 2013 colour is classically styled, so allowing the Vipp bin’s form and character to blossom. Grey offers versatility, being cool and warm, strong and gentle. It is a distinctly present colour. Vividly urban and urbane, grey is enduring, emotional and expressive. ‘Ray of Grey’ will enhance the aesthetic of many interiors, but particularly those of a contemporary, urban disposition


All images © Vipp

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