A long time ago...

February, 13 2012 15:00

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All fans of the legendary Lucas' saga wondered at least once in their life what was so attracting      in the Dark Side of  the Force.  Luca Nichetto provides us with his personal vision. Vader ... the frightful emperor's right-hand man gives his name to the latest creation of the Venetian designer, inspired by the similarity with the famous black mask. A lamp made of ceramic material, looking simple and almost minimal that betrays nothing of its essence but the warm light coming from the cut in the middle of his body. “The boy you trained, gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader...” (Yoda

Vader lamp, blue version 


Vader lamp, white version


Lamp cross-section 


Technical sketch 


Designer Luca Nichetto - photo credits_Markus Moström