A real Hard Work

June, 14 2012 09:00

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Monie.ka & James are the london designers behind Hard Graft brand, born in 2006 with the simple idea for a new MacBook sleeve using the combination of wool, felt and leather.

Good way to create unique & smart design like this, is the maniacal attention to details and expert craftsmanship. "Our bespoke signature style - said the designers - is brought to life by our two young and talented Italian leather artisans 'The Brothers' and their team"

Limited production guarantees high-end quality, like it was a tailor made product. By usign these designs, maybe we'll never have to repair our expensive but needful MacBook again...


Personally, I love this 'Heritage Collection':

The X Pocket MacBook Sleeve is a 100% wool protective sleeve with refined simplicity as the key concept.






The 2Point Turn iPad case is a simple slip-on case handmade from premium wool felt and Italian leather, no complicated reinforcements and no magnets.






The Moleskine Book Case is a 100% wool protective case with refined simplicity as the key concept.





The all-time multi-functional favourite iPhone case in the hard graft team.