June, 29 2012 14:00

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All of us remember the plastic toy capsules of vending machines. Our mums were so annoyed by our nagging claims!

Initially, the CAPSULE LAMPS was designed by Hong Kong-based DESIGN SYSTEMS Ltd for the Actif children’s wear brand, but it has now taken on a life of its own giving tinkerers and creatives another reason to customize and make it their own.

Inspite a basic, pleasant design -the main structure of the ceiling pendant is made of stained oak, and either without the capsules, or with just the empty capsules, it looks rather coolly Scandinavian- the original thing about this lamp is that it is fully customizable.

The fun starts when you attach the little plastic capsules – in any combination and quantity you like with all sorts of little treasures in them.

You can fill them with your collection of toy cars, with the stickers of your favourite football players or with flowers, bottons, jewelry.

You could also think to have the same lamp with different elements inside the capsules for each room of your home. Just be creative!