CONNECT with Muuto

September, 21 2012 10:00

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Your sofa is a functional, multipurpose item. It’s somewhere to lounge and stretch out, to watch TV or read a book, to catch up on work, entertain friends and family, perhaps even to fall asleep. Your sofa is also one of the largest items in your home and therefore a purchase takes much thought and consideration - for example what size, shape, colour and materials do you want. And besides the practicalities of a sofa, the aesthetic is paramount. There is nothing worse than a badly chosen and poorly designed sofa, where it dominates a room, clashes with the interior and is devoid of any personality.

Having the ability to customise a sofa to suit your environment is always a useful thing. Bespoke sofas are inevitably expensive, but their longevity and utility more than outweighs the cost. Often people are reluctant to invest in good design, opting for a cheaper alternative. Yet buying budget sofas is a false economy, as you will replace them much more often.


Image © Muuto


The new CONNECT sofa from Danish company Muuto is a smart, clean and beautifully designed modular system. You can choose from nine different modules, thus enabling you to customise your ideal sofa setup. Muuto, meaning new perspective, is a company building upon Scandinavia’s unique and world-renowned design heritage. It speaks to the concept of “New Nordic” and encourages its handpicked designers to “express their individual story through everyday objects”.



Image © Muuto

Explaining the sofa’s design, the designer’s Anderssen & Voll say - “Connect is a modular seating system based on the idea of finding perfect proportional connections between the different components of a sofa. The design shows a precise attention to details and has references to architectural principals (sic) derived from modernism. We think the sleek long lines give the sofa a modern yet timeless expression”.


Image © Muuto


Muuto’s designs imbue integrity and simplicity, offering a clean Nordic aesthetic. They are visual design statements that add an element of panache to any modern contemporary space. This new sofa design is thus a worthy addition to Muuto’s collection.