Cingomma – belts made from bikes

March, 29 2013 10:00

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Cingomma is an example of how you can make something stylish starting from what might look like an old scrap. The designers decided to utilise as a main material used or discarded tires, giving them new life and recycling them as original and striking belts. 



Every tire undergoes a careful wash cycle and is then handcrafted to rekindle each unique type of tread, each one with its own past; every belt, in fact, is one of a kind for its colour, for the texture of the tire and the life it has travelled. This also means that each belt is not the result of a random process, but it is a unique product with its own particular story. The patterns also vary with the texture of the tire, as well as its wear.





To know how many tires have been recycled one can look at the regressive number that makes the belt unique by identifying it.




The packaging boxes are also in line with the underlying idea of this product, as they are created from recycled paper and without any glues, allowing a direct view of the belt and its core features.



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