Critter by Elia Mangia

June, 11 2013 10:00

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 “Wanderlust” is the “strong desire to travel and explore the world”, a word that the English language has borrowed from German as a reflection of what was a strong feature of the population, tracing the roots back to German Romanticism and its influence on art, literature and philosophy in the late 18th century.

Truth is, nomads of every kind exist since the dawn of time.

Instead of settling in one place, collecting houses and goods, nomads soothe the existential pain by contemplating the world’s continuous variability in their endless wandering.

Following Tao Te Ching principle “good walking leaves no trace behind it”, their equipment can be disassembled easily to set on a new journey.

Critter is a freestanding worktop that responds to these criteria.



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Designed by Elia Mangia for Skitsch brand, this “portable kitchen” is somehow halfway between the traditional kitchen and the camping stove.

It is constituted by two solid wood beams that can support a variety of interchangeable modules.

The kitchen is demountable in few easy steps and is kept together with only 8 screws.

Even though the product is conceived to be easily moved around and used outdoor, Critter is perfect for those who can’t attach too many strings but just keep sailing for other adventures.



Copyright Elia Mangia Design Studio