Curiosity Object

May, 5 2012 09:00

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A beautiful project designed by Studio GGSV for the exhibition "Lumiere Réfléchie" at Galerie Cat Berro in Paris.



These 'mushroom-shaped' curiosity cabinets celebrate the art of collecting inusual items. If you want, you can put inside jewelery or other stuff. Designers for the first presentation have chosen to show construction debris. Under the glass, un-precious objects look like diamond in the rough.



If you are a child deep down in your heart, you can see the cabinet like a small world. The basement is the ground and the bulb is the sun, indeed as you turn off the light the bulb disappears and the glass turns dark like night sky.



The base is made of blackened oak and the bell of blown glass 

These lights make you wonder about what deserves to be observed: the object itself or its content?