November, 7 2012 12:00

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An architect and a textile designer (Dovilė Cavina & Austėja Malaiškien) are at the heart of design studio Lovely Home Idea, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The products they create are all handmade in their studio by skilful tailors, while the fabrics they use are natural, stylish and eco-friendly.


Zigzag pillow brown and Zigzag pillow sand


Lovely Home Idea strongly believes in ‘non-perfect design’, which makes each product real and luxuriously unique, designed for a home where things last and are loved for a long time.


Zigzag pillow aqua and Zigzag pillow  and blanket sand


With a distinct fresh and modern vibe, they created a Decorative Cushion inspired by the Zigzag Chevron Herringbone pattern that fits perfectly on any sofa in any room, making it a versatile and eye-catching cushion.



Check it out on the Shop page! Available in three different colours, which one do you like best?