April, 25 2013 10:00

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The Dydell LED bulb is made by using two half spheres that can be fitted with a warm white LED (2,700 K) and coloured RGB LED lights. Both the solutions can be equipped within the same bulb. When compared to other LED bulbs, this light source has an innovative design feature that ensures an extended lifetime to the product.
One of the critical aspects of high power LED is the design of the heat sinking system because it’s strictly related to the lifetime of the diode. A bad designed heat sink can significantly shorten the lifetime of the LED, wasting one of the most convenient aspects of this technology.


Slingerlamp by Gispen


The LED bulb by Dydell has a vertical hole that crosses the whole section of the bulb and naturally uses air to create a cooling flow. This unique feature (patented) allows the designer to forget about the ordinary aluminium heat sinks that characterizes the LED high power bulbs. In terms of light emission the advantage is that you have a bulb that is very similar to a traditional incandescent lamp, reaching approximately 360° emission instead of a typical 160° single LED. Dydell specifies a lifetime of 50.000 hours and a luminous flux of 1650 lumens. It's pretty much equivalent to the 100W traditional incandescent bulb, but it consumes just 25W.


WiFi Controller


Another interesting feature is that Dydell LED bulbs can be controlled trough a WiFi connection combined with a specific Smartphone App. Through this application you can control the colours of the two half spheres in terms of tone and saturation. Dimming is full 1-100% without flickering. The App offers you different lighting scenarios according to the different times of the day and moods.
You can also create your scene and save it in a favourite list so you can choose it again when you need it.


Thunderball by Gispen

Dydell collaborates with the major labels in Dutch design, like Gispen. At the Temporary Museum of Superstudiopiu' some new luminaries were presented by Gipsen, equipped with the new Dydell LED bulb.



THUNDERBALL, designed by Richard Hutten, is a pendant luminaire that comes flat packed. It is made using polygonal white steel surfaces than can be modelled into different shapes, following the customer's taste. Each hexagon is connected to the next by a small piece of steel that functions as a hinge. It is real fun to design your own light.



SLINGERLAMP, designed by Richard Hutten is produced by Gispen using the newest laser technology. In these days, with rising energy cost, this luminaire is designed to offer minimum waste of luminous flux coming from the bulb. It creates a soft atmosphere with its light and shade alternations, ideal for both sophisticated and playful ambient.