Get festive with Iittala

December, 19 2012 10:00

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Finnish design icon, iittala, can help to make Christmas a better designed, more thoughtful and deliciously delectable experience. With the timeless aesthetic of its classic and much loved designs, iittala brings style and poise, charm and presence to any setting.

An iittala object makes for an exquisite gift; helps to create the perfect environment; provides a focal point and a talking point. As with many of its Nordic counterparts, iittala is a company with a minimal aesthetic that is well-crafted, clean and long-lasting.

Whenever you buy an object from iittala, you buy something that is intended to be enjoyed for many years to come, to be enriching, functional, used and loved.

At this time of year, iittala has a number of gifts that will please even the most savvy of design enthusiasts.

Here are my top 5 iittala Christmas gift ideas:


Little barn owl by Oiva Toikka 1972


Mariskooli bowl (155 mm grey) was inspired by Armi Ratia, founder of Marimekko


Nappula candleholders by Matti Klenell 2012


Vitriini boxes by Anu Penttinen 2010


Vase (160 mm flaming red) by Alvar Aalto 1936

All images © iittala