Hand Made Recycled Wooden Pallet Hanging Lamp Shade

April, 3 2013 10:00

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Exhausted pallets are one of the most used materials when we think about recycle and reuse.
This Wooden Pallet Hanging Lamp Shade, designed by FactoryTwentyOne, is handmade and it's mounted on the ceiling with a colored rubber band, which you can choose while you're buying it.



This Lamp doesn't come out of the package as an industrial-made object: the pleasure is that you have to assemble every part of it. The assembling process is easy and satisfying, but if you are really not addicted to DIY stuff you can follow a full understandable instruction sheet.




All the components are put together without screws or glue, it's all made with joints so you don't need any tools. You can even disassemble it if you need to!




This makes it 100% ECOLOGICAL. The lamp comes without electrical components as it works well with existing light fittings. It's available in two sizes: small and medium. The natural finishing of this lamp works well with different ambients. Let the wood speaks for itself!




From http://www.etsy.com