May, 14 2012 13:40

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Cooking and eating are social rituals that put us together in various situations. KITCHAIN's concept is based on this key point but is furthen focused on the creative community. The project indeed has been created in 2009 within the framework of a competition held by the festival belluard bollwerk international – a performing and visual arts festival which takes place in Switzerland. 

kitchain is a modular table-based open system that - developing like a snake through the space of the event- invites people to interact with food and with each others, by cooking or by exchanging ideas.

inspired by the flexibility of camping equipment, Kitchain is constituted by four units that can be easily assembled into a structure, becoming a place to eat, to cook, to relax…people can observe the professional chefs at work or make their own meal by using the two kitchenette units and the barbecue incorporated into the structure.

Designed by MOOV Architecture Studio.


Besides being an urban, design furniture, Kitchain is a social project. Kitchain blog HERE.



Photo credits:

antonio louro + benedetta maxia

charlotte walker