Kawara stool & bench by Tsuyoshi Hayashi

January, 31 2014 10:00

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Tsuyoshi Hayashi is a 2013 design graduate from Eindhoven who set up his own studio in December and presented his latest work within the [D3] young designers contest during imm Cologne fair in January 2014.





Kawara is a special Japanese roof tile that is extremely durable: fired at around 1200 degrees Celsius it is harder than the ones found in Europe (fired at 800 degrees), so when applied to a stool or bench, the tile can support a person weighing up to 120 kg.





Tsuyoshi Hayashi approached a kawara tile factory in Takahama (Japan) that produces curved roof tiles from local clay: tiles that get damaged during production, around 65,000 pieces a year, become waste material and are sent to the landfill.





To help reduce waste, Hayashi designed a stool & bench to be used with the kawara tiles by cutting off the damaged and chipped parts and mounting them on a wooden structure: "The smooth curved shape [of the tiles] invites people to sit and it keeps one's posture straight ergonomically," says Hayashi. The wooden structures can be combined to create a long bench or a single stool. 







Images by Tsuyoshi Hayashi