New collection by Benjamin Hubert

June, 3 2013 10:00

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British designer Benjamin Hubert believes that the perfect starting point for creating a long-lasting piece of furniture is sourcing the correct material and production process. Having opened his studio in 2009 in North East London, he leads a team of industrial designers with the aim to create honest, functional and timeless objects that rely on sustainability, usability and interaction.


Benjamin Hubert (photo credit D.Vintiner)



Benjamin presented his new collection during the Salone del Mobile 2013 held in Milan last April.



Cradle: A new Typology

A net structured hammock and a conventional upholstered lounge chair are assembled together to create a new type of chair that comfortably supports the weight of the body with a custom-made geometric cut pattern that allows a non-elastic textile to move in a three dimensional way.

(Benjamin Hubert X Moroso)




Talma: Fashion for Furniture

Talma is a type of cloak used by women to cover up. In this case, Benjamin Hubert took inspiration from the cloak wrap to cover the steel frame of a chair with a custom fabric, developed in collaboration with Innofa, that has integrated padding to reduce the use of polyurethane, making the chair carbon-friendly.

(Benjamin Hubert X Moroso)




Membrane: Weightless volume

A lounge chair that weighs just 3kg made with a lightweight steel & aluminium framework and a stretched 3D woven textile mesh. Similar in structure to the construction of tents and sport products, the cover is secured with a series of zips and fastenings.

(Benjamin Hubert X Classicon)




Images © Benjamin Hubert