Panono ball: panoramic 360 camera

November, 29 2013 10:00

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Camera technology is always evolving, megapixels and zooms increase with every new product launch, sizes reduce and technology is more efficient and accurate.


So what happens when you put 36 cameras on a ball and then throw it in the air? Simple: a 360-degree panoramic view in a massive 72-megapixel high-resolution fully spherical image.





Imagined by Jonas Pfeil during his master degree in computer engineering at the Technical University of Berlin in 2011 and then constructed in 2013 with a group of friends, Panono captures everything in every direction: when thrown in the air the cameras are simultaneously activated when the ball reaches its highest possible point and barely moving, accurately calculated by the built-in accelerometer.





There is no need of taking multiple shots and stitching them together on a computer, because Panono has an innovative sharing technology: the captured 360-degree panorama can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet through the Panomo app. By moving your device up, down and sideways you will experience the effect of being inside a fully spherical panoramic image.



“We’re creating an entirely new panoramic-photography experience, one that can finally include people and is social”, says Jonas Pfeil, president and co-founder of Panono. “until now, it’s been impossible to take good panoramic shots with people in them because people move in between shots and cause ghosting. Since all of Panono’s 36 cameras fire at once in every direction, it captures an instant in time that includes everyone—even the photographer—in a blur-free panoramic image”.



Hong Kong panoramic view



Team Panono


Images © Panono