Play with Tube Toys, by Oscar Diaz

October, 27 2012 10:00

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I remember that when I was a kid, every time someone offered me a toy I would spend a considerable amount of time looking at the box the toy was coming in, and often the packaging would become something the toy would interact with in my playing sessions.
This could be an action figure hiding behind its packaging preparing an ambush against an enemy, or a model car going back to its garage box after a crazy driving performance on the floor of my parents' living room.


Now that I have grown up and become an industrial designer, I am quite aware of the role and benefits that a good packaging can have in the life of any given product, and even if in the majority of the circumstances the box is meant to be promptly thrown away, there are a few examples of extremely clever integration of the packaging into the actual use of the product.



One of the best approaches to this packaging design dilemma is taken by Oscar Diaz, who designed a series of toys for UK based website NPW.
All these brilliant vehicles have been presented by NPW at the New York International Gift Fair earlier this year.

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