Plug Lamp by Form Us With Love

October, 12 2012 10:00

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FUWL is the acronym for Form Us With Love, a Stockholm-based design studio.
Started in 2005 by John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson, and Petrus Palmér, FUWL was recently named by Fast Company as one of the worlds 50 most influential designers shaping the future.
This young studio partners with companies involved in the development and production of everyday objects, furniture and lighting.
In a delicate moment like our present time, the biggest achievement for the Swedish design studio isn’t the actual product, but the process of thinking, creating and communicating design.


Plug Lamp is a perfect example about this idea of design: a lamp designed for public spaces, cafés, bar or hotel rooms (but I’ll buy one lamp for my desk), where today’s travellers can charge their electronic devices, like mobile phone, computer, tablet or camera…
There is a natural market for this sort of lamp in public spaces - says designer Löf-gren - why integrating the socket in the lamp? Because it also takes away that annoying procedure of searching for a socket or having to un-plug something in order to access an electrical point”.




As for the lamp function, Plug Lamp’s “E27 socket” accommodates a variety of light sources, from LED to regular light bulbs.
A strong, graphic form that clearly communicates its purpose is the FUWL’s signature. The final product is an iconic luminaire that will adorn its surroundings and assist its consumers in equal measures.