Rope Trick Lamp by Stefan Diez

February, 7 2014 10:00

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Presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014, the Rope Trick Lamp is an LED light built onto a simple rope design mechanism: by sliding the head up and down rope, the lamp can be easily oriented into multiple positions.





Designed by Stefan Diez for Danish/British label WRONG for HAY, the aim was to create a new and intuitive way to manipulate light without using the traditional and complex mechanical solutions. This resulted in the design of an extruded and textile covered plastic profile, which carries the LED head.







With the head magically sliding up and down the rope, the lamp can be directed in a wide range of positions, while the dimmable switch in the handle allows you to control the brightness with just one hand.





Its minimum design takes inspiration from a traditional Indian rope trick, traceable back to the Buddhist and Hindu philosophy: the illusion of a rope rising vertically into the air with no support and a ‘magician’ balancing himself on the top of it.






Images © Stefan Diez