Shamelessly Irresistible Vipp Ceramics

August, 21 2012 10:00

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Danish company Vipp started life in 1939 with the Vipp pedal bin, designed and built by Holger Nielsen. Holger used to say that “good design never goes out of fashion” and time has shown this to be true. The Vipp bin has seen only minor improvements since its first outing and is a classic design icon available in five different sizes (three for the kitchen and two for the bathroom).


Building on this solid foundation, Vipp has continued to grow and is now a 3rd generation family business. The product line has expanded, becoming ever more prodigious. Since that first Vipp bin design, the company has created a number of products for the kitchen and bathroom.

Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer at Vipp, believes that the company tries to “cultivate an emotional connection between Vipp products and Vipp customers; the joy inherent in the daily use of a high quality product” (source). I believe Vipp as a Danish company, as with so many great Nordic companies, understands that an emotional connection between both a product and the customer is basic; it is intrinsic to what fundamentally makes the customer desire and love that product.

Quite simply, Vipp delivers sleek, clean, functional and aesthetically beautiful creations. In that vein, its latest creation is a new seven piece ceramics collection, developed in collaboration with Danish ceramicist Annemette Kissow. Consisting of a bowl, milk jug, egg ring, plate, espresso, coffee and tea cup, the collection is a stunning example of Vipp’s tenacity and consistency in creating elemental, distinct and smart design pieces.

The ceramics collection is cast by hand in fine quality porcelain, glazed on the inside and and hand polished on the outside. It is available in a distinctively Vipp-esque matt white and grey.

Of the new collection, Morton Bo Jensen says: “even though we are working with a completely different material, the outcome carries the same DNA as when we process steel and aluminium – a product stripped to the bone with a minimalistic look where material and processing define the design” (via Vipp Ceramics Collection press release).

The new Vipp ceramics collection may be different in terms of the material, but it is imbued with classic Vipp styling, confidence and desire and is shamelessly irresistible.

All images © Vipp.