Sucabaruca by Luca Nichetto + Mjölk

February, 5 2014 10:00

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The Sucabaruca coffee set is the latest product designed by Luca Nichetto in collaboration with Mjölk gallery in Toronto, Canada.





Mjölk, set up in 2009 by husband and wife John Baker and Juli Daousti, is a gallery exhibiting work by artists and artisans from Scandinavia and Japan, and also a lifestyle store with inspirational design objects. Having met Luca Nichetto in September 2013, they encouraged him to create a product that would fit within their gallery/shop using only the resources available in the local area.





Inspired by the idea that filter coffee is an international ritual that connects people and countries, Nichetto created a set that reminisces the “Carmencita” from the famous character created by Armando Testa in 1966 for the TV show “Carosello”. The hand engraved lines emphasize its unique ceramic design, while the tray is manufactured using Canadian maple wood or marble, typical of the area.





The set can be easily be stacked and combined with three different colour palettes: total white, inspired by fashion designer Martin Margiela, pastel tones, characteristic of Japanese architectures, and pop colours, a tribute to the eclectic artist Jean-Paul Goude.



 Images (c) Luca Nichetto