December, 6 2012 15:00

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Unit 01/02/03 is a shoulder bag that has been thought for all those people who carry around laptops, phones, tablets, mp3 players and all the cables needed to keep them running!

Intelligently structured, Unit 01 is the main space for your laptop, safely protected from any bumps you might get. Unit 02 and 03, the two extra pouches that come with Unit 01, can then be used for the cables, wallets and other necessities, ensuring you stay 100% organised while on the move. These can be attached inside our outside of Unit 01 thanks to the strong strips that feature sewn-in loops and solid poppers.


You can be as creative as you wish by customising the various pouches, while always retaining a ‘no frills’ laptop bag.


Unit Portables is designed by Unit Portables, a group of Swedish like-minded individuals with backgrounds in design, fashion and technology, Based in Stockholm, they were looking to create the perfect bag for a modern life, always on the move!




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