The brand new classic by Hans J. Wegner

August, 7 2012 10:00

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Hans J. Wegner, the legendary Danish designer, was without exception, a virtuoso and maestro chair designer. In fact, he had more than 500 designs. Wegner designed the first chairs for Carl Hansen & Son including the acclaimed Wishbone Chair in 1949. Through his ambitious designs, he managed to make chairs that were complex and intricate to craft and produce, look exceptionally simple. Wegner placed an emphasis on functionality and aesthetic appeal. Many of his chair designs are modest, whilst remaining distinctive and sculptural.


The collaboration between Hans J. Wegner and Carl Hansen and Son began in 1949. Today, the relationship between the Hans J. Wegner studio, run by his family, and Carl Hansen & Son, continues to flourish. Through this relationship, Carl Hansen & Son has been able to reintroduce the discerning and wonderfully contemporary CH33 dining chair. Designed by Wegner for Carl Hanson & Son in 1957, it was in production for ten years. The furniture manufacturer has now taken a fresh look at the CH33. With its definite appearance and strong presence, this dynamic and modern dining chair will once again adorn many well-heeled and aesthetic interiors.


The CH33 dining chair is available in solid oak or beech; in mixed-wood versions (for example walnut with oak) or in Wegner’s original colour palette including grey, orange, black and white. This choice of finishes has me relishing the style-conscious design prospects… walnut with oak; grey and orange. The CH33 is also compact and bijou. It will make a real statement within any contemporary living space, particularly – but not exclusively – in sophisticated smaller urban spaces.

All images via the Carl Hansen & Son Spring 2012 brochure; © Carl Hansen & Son.


Hans J. Wegner, who died in 2007, left behind a bountiful design legacy. With chair designs that are both midcentury and contemporary, his continued presence and place in modern design is assured. As such, the CH33 can only augment this legacy.