Top 10 Origami Inspired Designs

February, 16 2013 11:30

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These weeks dedicate to the art of Origami have almost gotten to an end. We therefor have decided to collect all those products inspired by the world of Origami that have stimulated, fascinated, and surprised us, paying particular attention to how the theme as been addressed and interpreted nowadays by both established and emerging designers. Enjoy!




1. IN-EI by Issey Miyake

 "Beauty lies not in objects, but in the interaction between the shadow and light created by objects."

 Junichiro Tanizaki, ‘In Praise of Shadows’

Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has created a renge of LED lamps that unfold from flat 2D shapes into 3D shades for Italian brand Artemide. The designer has interpreted the Japanese concept of IN-EI “shadow, shadiness, nuance” using a single piece fabric made of recycled plastic bottles. The unique structure of the material fibers is self-supporting making any kind of structural frame unnecessary.





2. Wood Carpet by Elisa Strozyk


Wood carpet is one of the many “Wooden Textiles” German designer Elisa Strozyk has created by combining geometric pieces of wood to soft wool. The result, a gorgeously subtle, flexible piece of material that can hold its shape with the stiff support of wood, leads to a new tactile experience.




3. Paper Sculpture by Elena Salmistraro


Elena Salmistrato’s Paper sculptures are generated by the repetition of one of the most popular origami structures, known as the “lotus flower”. Angular shapes and geometric foldings create an elegant play of shadows and volumes making of these beautiful jewelry pieces authentic wearable sculptures. The material used, in order to remain consistent with an eco-friendly approach, is Jacroki original from Okinawa, a fabric made by 80% of cellulose with a paper like consistency.



4. Paper Vase Cover by Pepe Heykoop


Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop has collaborated with the Tiny Miracles Foundation, charitable organization that focuses on building the ‘City of Miracles’ right next to red light district in Mumbai, India, for the creations of the Origami inspired Paper Vase Cover. Thanks to a flexible triangular structure this skin can be adjusted to any size of empty bottle or can turning waste into marvelous floral expressions . Curated down to the last detail, the Paper Vase comes in an envelope.

Paper Vase Cover won the Interior Innovation Award at IMM Cologne 2013.





5. Figured Tea Bag by Natalia Ponomareva


Green Berry Tea by Natalia Ponomareva combines two Japanese popular lifestyle interests, tea and origami. By immersing the pouch in water, the bags will gradually expand into poetic and delicate paper cranes leaving you in awe. Unfortunately Natalia’s Figured Tea Bags haven’t made it to store shelves yet but the concept is so brilliant that it deserves sharing.




6. Ballon Stole by Monomatopee

Tokyo-based Monomatopee studio has developed origami inspired products able to transform into inflatable geometric forms. Each design surprises us with dazzling colors and textures and can be turned into different shapes thanks to the triangular fabric structure. Craving for more? Check out their brilliant website!



7.Folding Chair by Christopher Mark Johnson


This Folding Chair by American designer Christopher Mark Johnson revolutionizes the traditional concept of common folding furniture. At a first glance the wood-frame, white-backed chair looks just as one you might find at a school desk or modest dining room table - but its deceptively simple surfaces have ultra-thin plastic joints that make it fold up like a piece of clever origami. Wouldn't you pick this striking piece of furniture art over a conventional folding chair design?




8. Origami Beer Lable by Clara Lindsten


For those of you who consider Origami an art form just to precise, sophisticated and above all outdated, perhaps these labels by Swedish designer Clara Lindsten may change your mind. This striking label, ready to take shape, will certainly give that special touch to your party nights!





9. Origami Speakers 


Origami can have its applications even for tech lovers, finding the perfect balance between form and function. When folded, the flexible speakers have a pyramid shape, but as soon as you unfold the several interconnected triangular modules  the sound gets louder and louder. The origami speakers are only a conceptual product for now but we certainly hope we will see them in stores soon. 


Ohoh, seems like we’re missing our 10th top Origami Design.... with so many striking creations out there inspired by this outstanding art form we can’t wait to know what would be your suggestion…

Go ahead, surprise us!