July, 18 2012 09:00

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Starring at Milan Design Week 2012, the Gravity Stool by JOLAN VAN DER WIEL reminds us of a magic mushroom.


The appearance of the stool and the focus on the production process make this object an interesting mix of art and design. Produced in a machine which the designer invented himself, the Stool is made from liquid plastic coloured with pigments with a whopping six kilos of iron fillings. Once the materials are mixed together in a bowl, the designer determines the mould of the stool, the shape of the seat and where the chair legs will be formed. He then lets the power of gravity do as nature always intended and take over the end process.


A sort of collaboration between man and nature, which Jolan van der Wiel loves to investigate.


Gravity strikes again, but without any apple, this time :)

Photo credits @ JOLAN VAN DER WIEL