May, 11 2012 08:40

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Bye bye Bauhaus...Young designer Viktor Matic says goodbye to average industrial object and suggests a new way to intend furniture.



A conceptual bookcase which preserves the ancient archetype, but introduces a new idea of design. Dematerialization of material is a real consequence of digital era. Also the abolition of time and space, than shelves are replaced by thin blue wires.




Hybrid objects are becoming media, surfaces transform into spaces and spaces turn into unsharp gradients. Through its parts it is not only a modular system, but also a type of installation in an ever changing space.




You can move the blue wires to create new spatial combinations.

"In an accelerated era full of freedom of forms and the change as a status quo - explained Viktor Matic - I'm creating an object which itself has no definite state and which is capable of interacting with the user and his environment".