Who’s next by Marco Ripa

August, 27 2013 10:00

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Who’s Next is a sculptural magazine rack by Italian artisan and designer Marco Ripa.


Using the perimeter of a cube, the designer tilted the white steel rods onto an angle and stabilised the object on a round base, thus creating an empty geometric volume that can be filled up with books and magazines.





With the additional rectangle placed inside the volume, Marco Ripa gives the user a greater opportunity to place the magazines in more than one position, therefore tapping into the individual’s creativity.





"It's based on the overlapping of a cube and a parallelepiped," explains Marco Ripa. "We are able to see only the essential structure, just what is necessary to create the shape, in a positive-negative game where you can't tell what there is and what there is not."





Images © Marco Ripa