Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac - New Collection 2013

September, 5 2013 10:00

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Y’a Pas Le Feu au Lac (YPLFL) is a French brand that creates contemporary, useful and fun wooden objects.  Set up by Grégory and Marie Bodel with FX Balléry, their products are designed by designers around the world, giving the brand an international feel while holding on to traditional know-how.


Their latest collection will be presented at Maison & Objet in Paris (6th to 10th September). Here is a quick preview of their new products!



Woodstache by  Juan Pablo Cambariere (Argentine)



Made of beech and lime tree, Woodstache epitomises the flow of immigrants arriving in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 1900, in search for land and fortune.


In Juan Pablo’s words:


“In the beginning of the 20th century thousands of immigrants came to Buenos Aires running away from war, hunger and political persecution. A few were active anarchists militants who in order to recognize each other in a new, dangerous and unexplored city created a secret code: they grew big moustaches and played with them openly in a very specific way with their fingers. Most historians believe that the method originated as a mockery of this hair ornament so common in the aristocracy. While there is no record of this, I always fantasize it was a tribute to French writer and philosopher Sébastien Faure.”



Yo by Olivier Cortes (France)




Yo is a modular tree that can be assembled from scratch. The trunk and trees are made of birch plywood, and its shape leads the child to experiment and create a light and balanced structure while generating new stories and adventures.



Base by Jean-Charles Amey (France) 



Base is a tablet support made of ash tree wood. The interaction between the natural material and technological object makes it a unique product to use in the home or in the office on a daily basis.