June, 14 2012 14:00

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"Let us build a tower whose top may reach unto heaven" - Genesis 11:4. I remember this verse of the Holy Bible...it's not true! I did a search on the web...



Ziggurat is the new limited edition's project of Oeuffice -    Nicola   s Bellavance-Lecompte & Jakub Zak - presented to the last Milan Design Week. The new proposal explores the world of Middle Eastern architecture and ornamental structures. Made in collaboration with a Lebanese craftsman specialized in wood inlay, Ziggurat is conceived as a system of four independent boxes that stack together forming a monumental tower for the domestic landscape.



The form evokes a simplification of traditional Muqarnas found in Middle Eastern architecture, and the inlaid ornamentation provides a new interpretation of scale and an unexpected shift of direction in traditional pattern standards.




Ziggurat is available with three different patterns: black stripes, natural stripes and pixel edition