Scrap wood installation at DreamBags JaguarShoes in London

October, 9 2012 10:00

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DreamBags JaguarShoes is a local bar in Shoreditch (East London) which ‘rents out’ its space to artists and designers for temporary installations. During the London Design Festival, East London Furniture completely took over the bar, removed all furniture and replaced it with scrap materials found on the local streets.



Tables made from pallets and ceiling joists, benches inspired by Shaker furniture, skirting boards used for the throne-like seating booth, lightings made from recycled wooden blocks.



Christian Dillon, one of the East London Furniture designers, says “For us to have a show in the festival, where people are actually using the furniture to have a nice meal, a nice beer or chatting to a nice girl or guy is so much more interesting than a static display of our furniture”.




The installation will be there for the next two months. What are you waiting for, go and have a drink at the DreamBags JaguarShoes!


via Deezen