Tarmak sneaker store by Pinkeye

January, 15 2014 10:00

Posted inRetail

Tarmak, a shoe and sneaker store in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, has recently asked Pinkeye design studio to completely upgrade their interior design as well as their logo and graphics to emphasize the brand’s subculture of designer toys, sneakers, street art and apparel as well as their social-media influence.





“We started with a graphical idea that was translated all over the space, from the prints on the floor to the spatial design,” explains Ruud Belmans of Pinkeye. “Without noticing, the customer is led to the back of the store around cosy corners, reused furniture and displays.”






Strong geometric shapes pop out from the walls, creating alternative-styled shelving units and bookcases, while floor stickers are custom made via Instagram. At the back of the shop a small outdoor space houses mini-concerts and DJ performances in the summer. 








Images © Pinkeye