Upside down shop by smallna

June, 24 2013 10:00

Posted inRetail

Risk. Made in Warsaw” fashion shop in Poland has recently had a makeover by design studio smallna: lift up your head and you will be surprised to see an upside down living room attached to the ceiling.





Inspired by the fashion brand's mission to go against the rules and be different (all their clothes are made in a light grey tone, street glam tracksuit style with variations on the classic hooded sweatshirt), the designers decided to challenge the rules of gravity and place all their objects on the ceiling, including a sofa, table, lamp, balloon, shoes, clothes and much more.





The inflatable sofa by Polish brand Malafor is covered in the same soft grey melange fabric used by Risk. Made in Warsaw for their clothes, as well as all the soft furnishings around the shop. The circular changing room connects the ceiling to the floor with a long flow of grey fabric creating the illusion that the visitor can easily pass from one plane to the other.





The ‘pipes in the clouds’ rack installation is used for hanging clothes in both directions, with upside down trousers floating around the sky-painted background.   





The small 80sqm shop is extended to the ceiling with a unique collection of vintage objects including 1940s American train lights, 1960s Polish tram lights and a Japanese mirrorball from the 1970s.







Images by Celestyna Król.