Is Design Male or Female?

March, 8 2013 09:30

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On International Women's Day we raise a question:
Is Design Male or Female?
While communication is obviously female (who can stop a woman from talking?), and architecture is male (think about bricks and bulldozers), what about Design?
Women unite, and let your voice be heard!
Have a look at the pictures and tell us your opinion. It's a matter of life and death.
Who takes part in the survey gets a 5€ coupon to spend on the Inner Design Shop (you could buy a nice gift for a nice woman). Furthermore, we will give three lucky winners* a fabulous design object by Normann Copenhagen dedicated to all women, mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmas, aunts, granddaughters...from all around the world.



*To participate in the extraction you must live in Europe.




And the lucky WINNERS are.... 


☆ Isabella Baccanelli

☆ Dalia Lombardi

☆ Miriam Rossetti


Enjoy your Spaghetti Dozer designed by Normann Copenhagen and have a lot of pasta!! :)