“A La Carte” by Platt & Young for Rosenthal

February, 11 2013 10:00

Posted inTableware

“A La Carte” is the unconventional porcelain set for a modern-styled dining experience by Robin Platt and Cairn Young for Rosenthal. Composed of 6 different organic sets, the designers were motivated by the liberty of mix-and-match to create sculpture-like bowls and plates for everyday tableware.



Inspired by the Japanese art of folding, “Origami” imitates the paper folds typical of an origami silhouette, while “Papyrus” recalls the ancient rolled-up papers from Egypt and “Poncho” the shine of the Andean shoulder cape. The collection is then completed with “Nimbus”, inspired by the rounded shapes of clouds, “Scoop” by the trough left from an ice-cream spoon and “Tatami” by the traditional Japanese straw-mat floor covering.



All elegantly soft and expressive in their form, “A La Carte” offers a collection composed of a versatile and compatible set of elements to create simple and inspiring dinnerware.



Images from http://www.robinplatt.com/