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Interior Color Tips for the Neutral-Obsessed

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Many people prefer to decorate their homes using neutral colors, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you are willing to go a step further, you can transform your home from just elegant and comforting to unique and amazing. This doesn’t require any expensive furniture or bold-colored accent walls, just a few decorative pieces and a right color combination. If this is something that interests you, here are some ways in which you can make your home truly stand out while focusing on the neutral color palette.
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Introduce large art pieces

Adding a pop of color is a great way to spice up a neutral-colored room. You can introduce an element of surprise with a big, eye-catching art piece above your sofa or fireplace. Paintings are a great way to infuse some color and character into the neutral palette. You can hang one big painting, or you can get a painting that consists of a couple of canvases and hang them together to get one huge art piece. Such a decoration is guaranteed to make your room look like million bucks. Plus, if you choose orange or light yellow frames, you will also add a touch of warmth to the room.
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The balance between warm and cool

Preferring neutral colors does not mean everything has to be beige or white. Sticking to just one color and tone is not exactly going to draw much attention, so try to add some contrast instead. The best thing you can do to make the colors work in your favor is balance warm and cool colors. Warm colors work great in the living room, so introduce some warmer-colored furniture pieces, like those offered by the furniture company Fancy Homes, and throw in a couple of rugs and pillows to warm the room up a bit more. Leather furniture also works great, as even one leather item can warm up the entire room. When it comes to cool colors, you can paint the walls blue to make the room seem larger and more open, and introduce some fashionable blue draperies to complete the design.
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Add some texture and patterns

By adding some texture to your room, you will make it more modern and exciting since neutral tones appear as different colors when using various textures. The best way to achieve this is with rugs, window shades, and floor finishes. Patterns serve the same purpose – they make the space seem more dynamic, which is what most neutral rooms lack. You can introduce different patterns with accessories like pillows, ceramics, throw blankets, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and move things around from time to time. After all, it’s your home, and you should decorate it to feel as such.
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Don’t forget the lights

Another way to spice up your neutral-colored room is to add some warmth from above. For example, you can install a lighting fixture that can cast light from all angles. Also, mixing lamps of different sizes and colors with chandeliers and sconces will not only illuminate the space nicely but also enliven the whole room and add a sense of movement. Just don’t forget about the corners, they need some light as well. And to make them less dark and gloomy, you can always add a couple of plants in cream or yellow pots, which is another great way to brighten up the atmosphere.
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How to work with beige

There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite color, as long as you know how to use it correctly. So, instead of using the same shade for everything, focus on the layers. You can go from very light cream for the walls to dark tan for the blankets and pillows. Such a combination will make your room feel much more sophisticated and calming. Or, instead of using it as your base color, you can make it work as an accent one too. A darker beige can give depth to the room by highlighting the corners, and cream stripes are a great accent detail for any room.
An all neutral room can be everything but boring if you know how to combine the colors and make the best of them. All the usual rules apply, even when working with a neutral color palette – pay attention to lights, add some accessories, and focus on layering. If you follow these few steps, your home will definitely amaze all who step into it.


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