Elena Cocuccioni

February, 8 2013

Posted inArchitect

Silence or music?
Mostly music, but it depends on the moment


Your greatest extravagance?
If it were for me, I’d spend every day travelling


Your most precious possession?
My friends and my camera


The book you hold in your heart?
Two opposites: “Pride & Prejudice” and the Harry Potter series


A relaxing moment?
Anywhere near water.


Your dream when you were a child?
First it was to be an archaeologist, next a fashion designer and then I stuck with architecture.


Designer or design lover?
A little bit of both


Your idea of design?
Functional, practical and intrinsically beautiful


A must-have design object?
I have always adored the 1968 Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio


Your style in a few words?
I don’t like to define it, I think style is a constant evolution 


Your idea of success?
Constantly chasing your dreams and finding new ones once you reach them

Your motto?
“You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus” by Mark Twain

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