Lucia Balcet

February, 18 2013

Posted inArchitect

Silence or music?
Silence may be the best music of all.


Your greatest extravagance?
I love travelling and finding myself in places where even the most ordinary things become astonishing.


Your most precious possession?
My freedom.


The book you hold in your heart?
There are many.


A relaxing moment?
Sleeping all morning with my love.


Your dream when you were a child?
I wanted to write adventure novels. Then I decided I’d rather live them first.


Designer or design lover?
I’d say both.


How did you start your blog?
A friend suggested me to start one in my free time.


Your idea of design?
Design needs to be smart, creative and aesthetically pleasing.


Your style in a few words?
I like simple beauty, the one that doesn’t necessarily shout “look at me!”


Your idea of success?
Always going forward in personal and professional growth, regardless of the starting point.


Your motto?
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will” by Gandhi.


Next challenges?
The transition from the academic world to the professional one.


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