Alua Liulé

December, 6 2012

Posted inDesigner


Silence or music?



Your greatest extravagance?

Thinking of quitting my architect job and start just sewing


Your most precious possession?

My sewing machines.


The best moment of the day?

Early morning and a day with no duties.


The book you hold in your heart?

I Ching, Book of Changes

The animal you feel “nearest” to you?



A relaxing moment?

On our couch, just doing nothing.


Your dream when you were a child?

To be a hero, saving the world somehow.


Your idea of design?

Clear lines, cool idea but above all useful.


A must-have design object?

There is no must-have objects in the world, fortunately.


Your style in a few words?

Colourful home but also rainy city, remembering grandpa hat and grandma high-heeled shoes.


Your idea of success?

Being free and satisfied with myself, learning to have patience.


Your motto?   

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order” C. G. Jung

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