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May, 21 2013

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Silence or music?

Silence for thinking, music for doing.


Your greatest extravagance?

Persisting in trying to design products that are endowed with cultural values.


Your most precious possession?

Passion and curiosity, anytime, everywhere, for everything.


The book you hold in your heart?

Elisabetta answers: Perfume by P. Süskind

Dario answers: The handbook of Fantastic Zoology, by J.L. Borges


Your idea of design?

Our idea of design coincides with our idea of life: be honest, think more, waste less.


Describe your installation at Cascina Cuccagna during Milan Design week 2013.

A metaphysical version of the Abruzzo Italian region landscape made using ceramic, wool and traditional candies: a hyper-decorated sheep in pasture among hundreds of white micro-mountains, edible flowers and clouds of neola-waffles.




Where do you get your inspirations from?

Wherever they come from …


Why is the Abruzzo region so important to you?

Abruzzo is an enchanting territory, full of history, nature and inspiration. It deserves to be discovered. Besides … it’s HOME.




Your style in a few words?

We’d like to think it’s difficult to be tagged.


Your idea of success?

People’s acknowledgement of the usefulness of our work.


Your motto?

Form follows purpose!


Next challenges?

Opening a dialogue with the potters from Castelli (a famous old mountain village of Abruzzo, whose past was gloriously based on faience manufacture).



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