December, 4 2012

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Silence or music?

Silence and music! 



Your greatest extravagance?

Money spending wise!? Buying our Macbook pro and our workshop hardware that helps us developing and realising our ideas.



Your most precious possession?

Freedom, which means we have the privilege to love, to eat and give shape.



The best moment of the day?

Which day?



The book you hold in your heart?

Luckily there’s no book in my heart. But we have a whole cabinet full of art books!



Your idea of design?

Design. Well, in my opinion this title/word nowadays has got no clear definition.

For me personally design is about giving shape to the idea, the object, the product, and etcetera. In Dutch language we know the word ‘vormgeven’, which literally means give shape or bring into shape.



A must-have design object?

Could name many objects of desire here… Let’s just pick one: the Poet sofa by Finn Juhl.



What is a typical day at the studio?




Do you have a creative process?

We like to play with cut outs, forms that we cut out of coloured paper, put them in a composition and then fantasize!



Which are the central objects of your collections

(Not sure if we understand the question) We don’t have specific objects that return as a central part in our collections. But you can see that there is a form of language that returns.


 How did your work evolve from designing furniture to commissioning these illustrations?

We were inspired by posters from the past, for example the work of Don Ervin and George Tscherny for Herman Miller or Herbert Matter for Knoll. They made these wonderful posters to represent the work produced by Herman Miller and Knoll. Inspired by them we initiated this ongoing project, collaboration between us and other artists, we give them the subject and they create a poster that represents our work. For the representation of the ‘Cirkel collection’ we commissioned Raw color, this was a perfect match, the graphic geometrical qualities and the ‘basicness’ of the ‘Cirkel collection’ goes along very well with the aesthetic distinction of Raw color.


 When looking at your work we sense that you have a special relation to sculpture, especially for your Cirkel Collection...have you ever considered this?

 Our creative process is in a way sculpting, we start with a form and keep on shaping until there is an object. If we literally ever considered making a sculpture I don’t know, but you never know!



What are your current projects?

 Currently we are busy with interior for a shopping window, it will be a huge marble track. Besides that we are busy with two smaller products, that has something to do with books and bread.



For how long have you lived in Eindhoven? What is your relation to the city?

 We both started with our study at the Design academy in 2001, so therefore we both moved to Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a city one hates or loves I guess. It is a very industrial city with new and ugly buildings. But we like it here, since we have a lot of friends around!


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