Elisabetta Mattiello

February, 15 2013

Posted inDesigner

Silence or music?

Music! But it depends on what I'm doing.


Your greatest extravagance?

Travel! Seeing places I have never seen before, meeting people from different backgrounds and upbringings from mine makes me so happy!



Your most precious possession?

The relationship with my partner and my friends.



The book you hold in your heart?

“And Then There Were None”, Agatha Christie.



A relaxing moment?

Sofa, a cup of tea and a good film.


Your dream when you were a child?

I wanted to be an artist, or an archaeologist like Indiana Jones, travelling around the world to find and discover anciant ruins.


Designer or design lover?

A little bit of both.


How did you start your blog?

For my business and personal interests I’m always looking for ideas and trends in architecture, design and furnishings and I find extremely exciting to share the results of my research and my work with other people. This is also why I felt the need to keep a blog as a personal diary in which I can attach images, thoughts, ideas, emotions and ideas that I collect from the web, my favorite magazines and something else.


Your idea of design?

3 words: beautiful, functional, practical.


Your style in a few words?

Less is more.


Your idea of success?

Having a good idea before the other.


Your motto?

“There is a will, there is a way”


Next challenges?

I don’t know, I build my future step by step. 


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