Orproject Interview: Francesco Brenta and Christoph Klemmt

November, 4 2011

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  1. Silence or music?
    Francesco: Gustav Mahler
    Cristoph: György Ligeti (Philip Glass); the Techno Mix '94; Cannibal Corpse
  2. Your greatest extravagance?
    F.: croissant and Gorgonzola cheese
    C.: a Sunday in bed; a triple-curved titanium shell structure
  3. Your most precious possession?
    F.: a cast-iron Turkish orange squeezer
    C.: my espresso machine; a small doll, handmade by my little niece
  4. The best moment of the day?
    F.: bed time
    C.: when my little niece comes into the room to wake me up in the morning; 11pm, when we start the architect's night shift, designing algorithmic prototypes until the early morning
  5. The book you hold in your heart?
    F.: Italo Calvino’s Amori Difficili (Difficult Loves)
    C.: Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities; Yunichiro Tanizaki’s Praises of the shadow; Kama Sutra
  6. The animal you feel “nearest” to you?
    F.: “il tifoso” – the hooligan
    C.: unicorn; aliens; Martians
  7. A relaxing moment?
    F.: at Sansiro Stadium with croissants and Gorgonzola cheese
    C.: the moment about 3 minutes before going on stage to give a lecture; Friday evening in the car driving home from the airport; at home in the Eames lounge chair with a glass of Amarone wine
  8. Your dream when you were a child?
    F.: to be an architect
    C.: to grow up, which somehow never really happened; to drive a bulldozer; the amazing high tech reconfigurable monster Lego spaceship
  9. Your style in a few words?
    F. & C.: Ecology as a narrative: our designs aim to express through a visual narrative the sequence of steps in which a natural element is integrated into a design: this sequence of steps is usually hidden within a photovoltaic panel or concealed behind cladding; we aim to visually expose this sequence by expressing each step in a stimulating game of perceptions. We believe that expressing this ecological narrative automatically creates a more harmonious design.
  10. Your idea of success?
    F.: a sky-scraper
    C.: to be asked to build an installation in the Tate's turbine hall; to be asked to design a house for a poet
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