Luca Andrea Molinari

March, 26 2013

Posted inDesigner

Silence or music?

I prefer silence, but I use music to cover the noise


Your greatest extravagance?

Videogames: the more colourful, the better


Your most precious possession?

My brain


The book you hold in your heart?

Too many. The latest is “The Hours” by Michael Cunningham


A relaxing moment?

An empty beach at sunset, with the one I love


Your dream when you were a child?

Apart from the obvious astronaut and inventor, running a videogame shop or a stationary shop


Designer or design lover?

Hopefully both


How did you start your blog?

With the greatest excitement


Your idea of design?

A rational outcome of an accurate process of analysis


Your style in a few words?

Essential, with a sprinkle of toyish


Your idea of success?

To have my name written on design history books


Your motto?

It may sound trivial but I’ll go with the classic “Form follows function”



Next challenges?

Find a workplace that makes me love Mondays


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