Stefano Macaluso interview

November, 4 2011

Posted inDesigner

  1. Silence or music?
    A music which is stronger than silence.
  2. Your greatest extravagance?
    I choose my pants according their pocket size in order to fit in my customized travel sketch book.
  3. Your most precious possession?
    My customized travel sketch book, of course.
  4. The best moment of the day?
    The design committee meeting at Girard-Perregaux.
  5. The book you hold in your heart?
    Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.
  6. The animal you feel “nearest” to you?
    The Elephant.
  7. A relaxing moment?
    Reading a book in a hammock hanging between olive threes.
  8. Your dream when you were a child?
    To have a part in the Star Wars cast.
  9. Your idea of design?
    To combine in an original way traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Nothing is really new, we re-use existing elements in different combinations for different needs.
  10. A must-have design object?
    The Swiss Army Knife.
  11. Your style in a few words?
    Like a survived XIX century explorer: pragmatic formal or technical casual.
  12. Your idea of success?
    Success is when I feel that people are proud and happy of my works.
  13. Your motto?
    Fabrum esse suae quemque fortunae (everyone is the author of his own fate - editor’s note).
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