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Wine Rolling Rack

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Guadalupe Ciocchini Creative

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This is a wine rolling rack, where you can keep and transport the wine bottles. I´t is thought for a confortable use and lets carry them from one room to an other, even ouside. It´s made in lacquered pino wood and other woods like teca and walnut. The rolling rack has a structure part involved in Knitting joining the wool with a warm wood like the guatambu. Questo é un tavolino mobile dove puoi mettere e trasportare le bottiglie di vino. É pensato anque per un uso confortevole e permette trasportarle da un saloto al altro, anche all´ aperto. E fatto di diversi legni, come il pino laccato, il legno di teca o di noce. Il tavolino mobile ha una parte della struttura avvolta in tessuto e fa la unione della lana con il calore d´il legno.


amir ali Creative Houston, United States

The website has this picture of a wine rolling rack, where we all can keep and send the bottles of wine. It is considered as comfy and utilizable and you can easily move it from one place to another. It´s made up of lacquered pino wood and other woods something like teca and walnut. I actually need review but this website have superb Interior designs collection for us.

peter Retailer Meerut, India

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