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OEM2You is a cosmetic research and manufacturing company providing excellent OEM and ODM services to our customers. Our portfolio includes products for head to toe care from nourishing hair care products to luxurious skin and body care products to everyday personal care products and toiletries.OEM2You is a cosmetic factory which have cosmetics OEM products and cosmetics private label. It also a skincare factory which have skincare OEM products and also skincare private label.We are an OEM cosmetics and skincare manufacturing company located in Ipoh, Perak. We have been established as one of the leading one-stop OEM manufacturer with a wide variety of color cosmetics, skincare, body and bath products, bar soap, and other industrial care product in Malaysia. We mainly provide personal care product in bulk quantity, according to customers’ needs. We can help you in guiding your first steps towards creating your own product brand, quick and easy. We make sure that all of our OEM products are certified by Ministry of Health and JAKIM for Halal certification. Our factory also followed good manufacturing practice (GMP) guideline to ensure that all of our products are safe. We can also help you to obtain certifications from these agencies for your own cosmetics, skincare and household brand.Please click our website at


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The Design Network For Interior Design Lovers. Here in this site hey provide the facility of online purchasing the cosmetics for the women. Here you can write my research papers to solve your quality work easily And I think they have done fabulous work for all the women. Also, they gave us free of cost home delivery as well.

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