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Teams in WPC decking company--Changxing Hanming technology Co.,LTD

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Changxing Hanming technology Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer of WPC (wood plastic composite) . The factory is located in Huzhou city, Zhejiang province, enjoying superior geographical position and convenient transportation. Changxing Hanming technology Co., Ltd was founded. 2018-12,Changxing Hanming technology Co., Ltd sells the new generation Co-extrusion WPC decking. Specialized in manufacturing WPC products for over 10 years, we grow up with WPC industry. In the process, We increase the production lines and set series of standard to guarantee the delivery time and quality. Interlocking composite decking tiles

WPC is the abbreviations of Wood Plastic Composite. WPC board is a mixture of reclaimed wood, recycle plastic and a small amount of adhesive. Now it becomes an ideal building material for residential and commercial use. Combines the advantage of different materials, Hanming’s WPC boards are more sturdy and durable than real wood, but also possesses a similar appearance of the real wood. With our unique installation method, there are no nails or screws on the floor surface, it’s more secure and convenient for cleaning and maintenance. WPC decking board meaning

Hanming outdoor WPC decking is made with a durable composite that stands up to extreme weather conditions and everyday use. More solid under foot for added safety. The composition of Iniwood decking is 35% of plastic resin, 55% of Hanming wood fiber and 10% of additive. Hanming decking UV inhibitors provide added color retention while minimizing fading. With its excellent moisture and thermal resistance, Iniwood decking virtually eliminates problems commonly associated with boards expansion and contraction. This hard-wearing WPC outdoor decking can be chosen from a wide range of colour options, and profiles to design your customized WPC wood decking and create your ultimate outdoor space. Now you can have all the beauty of finished hardwood, without the limitations and up-keep of wood decking. We have high-quality WPC decking for sale, with nine colors and nine wood grain for option. We work to provide the best price on WPC composite decking boards for our customers! Hanming decking colour Visualiser decking project

Developed in response to the growing popularity of mixed material building designs, Oakio Composite Cladding provides a warming design element to balance cold materials like metal and concrete. composite wpc siding

Hanming wall cladding is the ultimate solution for exterior. We capture the beauty and warmth of natural hardwoods, complete with subtle streaking, varied grain patterns and rich color palettes. Iniwood cladding doesn’t fade or degrade like wood, so the inspired aesthetic you envisioned will endure year after year. Best wood to use for decks


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