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360° Panoramic interactive virtual tours of 3D Medical Animation by Architectural Studio, Paris – France

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Yantram Architectural Animation Design Studio Corp. Creative

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Project 9858: 360° Panoramic interactive virtual tours (3D Anaglyph videos) | Cancer Tumor Treatment Client: 858. Sherri Location: Paris - France Interactive 360° Medical VR ( Virtual Reality videos ) Animation (3D Anaglyph Video - Stereoscopic 3D Animation) - Bladder Cancer Tumor Treatment by medical animation. This video Image Synergo's product - catheter can cure bladder cancer tumor and it cells easily. This image is developed 360°, 3D anaglyph, 4K resolution can be seen in VR - Virtual Reality cardboard device and also wearing 3d glasses by. 360° Panoramic interactive virtual tours, 360 virtual tours, 360 panoramic video, 360 interactive virtual tours, 3d virtual tours, Panoramic virtual tour, 360 Panoramic virtual tour, Panoramic 3d rendering, 360 Panoramic views, 3d virtual tour studio, 360 degree Panoramic tour360 degree Panoramic Photography, 360° aerial Panorama, 360 Panoramic Photography virtual tours, interactive 360 Panoramas, 3d virtual tours for real estate, architectural design studio, architectural animation services, architectural studio, architectural modeling firm, architectural visualisation studio, architectural and design services, 3d architectural design, architectural rendering company, 3d architectural modelling.

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