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What is 4g antenna?

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What is 4g antenna? 1, 4G antenna: It is a device that transforms the energy of high-frequency current or waveguide method into electromagnetic wavesand emits them in a regular direction. or restores electromagnetic waves from a certain direction to high-frequency currents. 2, Classification: a) Classified by use: it can be divided into communication antennas, TV antennas, radar antennas, etc. b) Classified by operating frequency band: It can be divided into short-wave antennas, ultrashort-wave antennas, microwave antennas, etc. c) Classified by directivity: It can be divided into omnidirectional antennas, directional antennas, etc. d) Classified by shape: It can be divided into linear antennas , Planar antenna, etc. 3, Omni directional antenna, which shows uniform radiation in 360° on the horizontal pattern, is also called non-directional, and shows a beam with a certain width on the vertical pattern. In general, the smaller the lobe width , The greater the gain. 4, Directional antennas show a certain view point plan radiation in the horizontal pattern, which is also called directional, and show a beam with a certain width on the vertical pattern. Like the omnidirectional antenna, the beam width is larger. Smaller, the greater the gain. 5, Gain refers to the ratio of the power density of the signal generated by the actual antenna and the aspiring radiating unit at the same point in space under the condition of equal input power. It describes the degree to which an antenna gathers and radiates the input power. The gain is obviously closely related to the antenna pattern. The narrower the main lobe of the pattern and the smaller the side lobe, the higher the gain. 6, 4G antenna operating frequency range (bandwidth). Whether it is a transmitting antenna or a receiving antenna. They always operate within a certain frequency range(bandwidth). There are two different definitions for the bandwidth of the antenna. One type,the operating bandwidth of the antenna under the condition of the standing wave ratio SWR ≤ 1.5. The other type,the bandwidth within the planned antenna gain reduction by 3 decibels.


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