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How much does it cost to develop a website for an online store?

Asked by nodod in Other.. | August 24, 2020 14:45
How much does it cost to develop a website for an online store?

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8 Answers

fofehi Retailer ,

What type of site do you need?
if it's an e-commerce site then it won't come cheap

losamis govdep Retailer ,

Look at one pager template. I think it'll make it easier for you. The main difference and benefit of single page templates lies in their way of navigation. The user simply scrolls down the page while the rest of its content is being loaded progressively. The browsing is utterly intuitive therefore. Single page website templates create a kind of illusion that exploring the whole thing won't take up too much of one's time. After all, it's only one page that should end somewhere.

gohepat Press ,

The site should attract attention. The money invested in the site will pay off for you.

disoma Design Lovers ,

how high-quality and accessible your website will be will depend on the success of your business. When creating a site, take into account the fact that only a part of Internet users speaks English. A fairly large proportion of users speak Arabic and do not know English. If you want to get such customers you need to adapt the site for those who speak Arabic. To translate content, you can find translators on who will be able to do quality content translation.
This will significantly expand the range of your potential customers.

kayleig Creative ,

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Photo Creative

A lot depends on you. First, you will need a domain then If you want a simple "plug and play" fill in the template type os site there are several web hosting companies that offer that type of service. If you want a custom-designed site you will need to find a developer and work with them on the design and functionality of your site. That will cost thousands $$$$ l just launched a site using BigCommerce https//
All of the companies that offer this website building service offer some free templates and some that you pay for- the templates are customizable and they usually offer help in building. Then you will pay the hosting fees. In a nutshell, costs can be $100 -to $10,000

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